A New Jersey Republican Says Hillary Clinton May Be Counting On 2012
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From: Jim Rossi (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Blog: Joe to Hillary Clinton: Run As An Independent!

If Barack Obama gets blown out in November, Hillary Clinton's, Quixotic insistence on pursuing the nomination past the point of logic could then become cast by her as a heroic effort to save the party from folly thus making her the 2012 "I told you so" frontrunner.

Clinton's chances would probably be better in 2012 than now because if she challenges Obama as an Independent (or somehow steals the nomination this year) she'd lose the coveted black and first time voters.

Does Clinton know something we don't? She and husband Bill don't trust their futures to luck or chance.

Rossi's previous letter about the Republican Party's immigration problem is here.

Joe Guzzardi comments: According to reports, Clinton is scheduled to concede on Saturday. Why, I wonder, the wait?

Rossi makes a good point. But what if Obama wins in November? That's at least a 50-50 proposition. Then Clinton becomes a very long shot in 2016. She would be effectively nowhere.

Clinton's hour is now. If she were to run as an Independent, Clinton would carry both New York and California—not a bad way to begin a quest for the presidency. And she'd likely carry Ohio and Pennsylvania, too, states she won in the primary.

As I wrote in my above referenced blog, I'm not voting for any of them. But I do like the idea of the more, the merrier simply for amusement value.

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