A Canadian Reader Gives Joe Guzzardi A Geography Lesson—And Asks Him A Pointed Question
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09/26/06 - An Ohio Reader Says That Charges of "Racism" Cannot Undermine Indisputable Facts

From:  James Schipper

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: California's Sprawl Driven By Population Growth (Which Is Driven By…)

The area of the US without Alaska is about 15 times larger than France that has about 60 million people. Therefore the U.S. population density is about 40 percent of France's.

Since France is one of the least crowded countries in Europe, by no means can the U.S. be called a crowded country by international standards.

Of course, that does not prove that it is beneficial for Americans to take in more immigrants, if only because immigrants nowadays settle in urban areas.

This is true even of countries like Canada which have so much empty space. About 40 percent of immigrants that come to Canada settle in the Greater Toronto Area. About 75 percent end up in the five largest cities.

By the way, why does Guzzardi still call himself an Italian-American? Is that not a bit inconsistent with his view that rapid assimilation is desirable?

Joe Guzzardi replies: Schipper makes a good point about my use of Italian-American. I frequently write the phrase—I suppose because it reads better than "an American of Italian heritage"— but never verbalize it. What I assure Schipper is that all Guzzardis, who now span three generations in the U.S., have never been anything except proud Americans from day one.

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