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01/22/10 - A PA Supermarket Cashier Wonders Where She Can Go To Escape Handout Requests For Haiti

A Liberal Immigration Patriot in Is Shocked By Attacks Against Him In Huffington Post; etc.

From: Mick Jones (e-mail him)

I am a liberal on all issues but immigration.

Whether it is legal or illegal, uncontrolled immigration from the Third World is a catastrophe for the United States.

As our nation continues to fill up with alien populations, eventually we will become one of them.

I mistakenly believed that others also saw this obvious fact.

Consequently I was shocked when I received a great number of hateful responses to my reply to one of the blogs on the Huffington Post about California's problems.

Here, word for word, is what I wrote:

"I know this is going to set off the usual firestorm reaction, but so be it. The problem with California is that for the last 40 years we have imported millions upon millions of Third World people. They are for the most part uneducated and use vast amount of social services. The two main items in the budget that have gone through the roof are education and medical costs.

"Don't believe we are in crisis? Go to an emergency room in Los Angeles. Some have as many as a thousand people. It looks more like Calcutta than America. The fault lies with both the politically correct Democrats and the cheap labor loving Republicans. In other words both parties have sold California down the river. Don't worry, your state will be next.

"Before you accuse me of being some sort of bigot, I want to say I don't blame the people for coming. But we can't just take everybody forever. We have more than 38 million people. What shocks me is even the environmentalists are cowed into silence by political correctness.

 "That is why I dumped the Sierra Club. This is not a liberal or conservative issue but one of survival of our state and country." [VDARE.Com links added]

Most of the Huffington Post responses to me accused me of being a Nazi, a John Bircher or a dumb racist. Many were vulgar and threatening.

When I replied in self-defense, none of my e-mails made it through the moderator and were never posted. My completely reasonable views were censored.

That's when I realized that Political Correctness at the Huffington Post scares it off from touching a realistic analysis of immigration. No one would touch the subject with a ten-foot pole. This is ironic since an immigration moratorium is critical to preserve our country.

Because of immigration Los Angeles, where I have lived all my life and which was once one of the most civilized and advanced cities in the world, resembles Brazil.

Jones has a Master's Degree in geography, a subject he says is completely ignored in modern America.      

Peter Brimelow comments: Incredible to think that the eponymous Arianna Huffington was my partner in the 1995 Firing Line debate keyed to Alien Nation—but then, so was Bill Buckley!

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A GA Reader Is Skeptical About Haiti Donations

From:  William Collier (e-mail him)

Re: Athena Kerry's Column: Not Supposed To Say It, But...Had It With Haiti?

Since the earthquake in Haiti and the subsequent non-stop appeals for aid to that country, I have done some deep research.

I cannot find any evidence that Haiti is built on anything other than foreign aid and charity.

Although billions have been invested Haiti, the country never progresses. Residents remain the poorest of the poor, the government the most corrupt of the corrupt. The national religion is voodoo. 

The two common denominators in Haiti are illiteracy and ignorance.

Last Sunday, like Kerry, I too heard the appeal at Mass on behalf of the Haitians.

But since there are millions of needy people in the world, I need good reasons to give to Haiti, especially in light of its long history of failure.

I get the uneasy sense that if I send Haiti a donation, it will wind up stolen by the usual thugs that take most of the money that is directed toward it.

My skepticism comes first hand. I've been on several church sponsored missionary trips to needy countries like Haiti as part of building project teams.

I'm still waiting to be convinced.

Collier, a home remodeler, lives in the Atlanta area.

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An AZ Reader Wonders Why Haitian Refugees Can't Be Sent To Africa

From: Mary Rogue (e-mail her)

My husband and I as well as many of our friends agree with Kerry.

I'm afraid that after the United States goes into Haiti and spends billions of taxpayer dollars and personal donations to get their infrastructure back in order (to the extent possible in a dysfunctional country like that), it will all be back to business as usual for the Haitians: crime, poverty, laziness and overpopulation.

Why are we not sending these people back to Africa where they originally hail from?

There are many big cities in Africa like Cairo, Kano, Dakar, Nairobi that could take them. Why must refugees' destination always be America?

Now that we have the Obama administration that has made Haitian immigration a priority, we have no choice.

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A CA Reader Laughs At The Los Angeles Times' Euphemisms For Illegal Aliens

From: Bill Wyse (e-mail him)

Re: Paul Nachman's Blog: Yes, Dammit, They're Aliens

Bravo to Nachman for his blog addressing the failure of the mainstream media to use the term "illegal alien"

The Los Angeles Times refuses to ever print that term unless it quotes from another source. 

To avoid using "illegal alien," the Times often goes to extraordinary lengths. It has favored "Mexican national" or "transient farm worker." [Farmworkers Reap Little as Union Strays from its Roots, by Miriam Pawel, Los Angeles Times, January 8, 2006]

Don't you love it?

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