Hate Speech on The Huffington Post
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The blog 24ahead.com (formerly Lonewacko) has come up with a classic, a crucial comment on Obama’s America.

Stu Kreisman of MediaCurves.com has issues with "Anglo-Americans" Aug 23 2007

This discusses a curious entry on The Huffington Post Another Blow To White American Lunatics August 16 2009 by one Stu Kreisman. The recent victory of a Korean in the PGA Championship is utilized for a raucous celebration of the demise of WASP America:

The rich "Country Club" Republicans, radio talk show hosts and screaming town hall lunatics just got another reason to hate Barack Obama….the winner of one of the four "Majors" tournaments is Korean. In fact he can't even speak English, which no doubt will drive the Lou Dobbs division of the wing nut association crazy...
President Barack Obama, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder, Serena Williams, Denzel Washington, Penelope Cruz, Professor Henry Louis Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Puff Daddy, Tiger Woods and now Y.E. Yang. Good grief! Where's the angry Anglo-American male going to turn now? Expect a huge up tick in bass fishing and swastikas.

24.ahead understands what this means perfectly:

It doesn't matter to me - I'm an Ethnic-American after all - but "Anglo-Americans" might want to remember the name Stu Kreisman in case they see his name on credits somewhere.

(The link is to a comment about a peculiar effort by the Obama campaign to reach out to, explicitly, non- Anglo whites.)

The blog adds:

It's not difficult at all to find liberal racism and it's trite to play the switcheroo game, but liberal racism isn't usually so overt…Note also, of course, that he has no clue about rich "Country Club" Republicans; they're usually the ones giving in to far-left concepts in order to make money or maintain power.

I do not agree that it is trite to play "the switcheroo game" (excellent link by the way). The effort to destroy equality before the law and seize privileges for its supporters is central to the Obama administration and needs to be highlighted and challenged at every opportunity. And can anyone imagine the ever-so PC Arianna Huffington allowing such a rabid sneer at any other ethnic group?

Kreisman’s item, of course, is pure Kevin MacDonald. Ethnic animosity lurks just beneath much Democratic thinking - and not far beneath, for the experienced observer.

The fact is, Obama Democrats are a minority coalition devoted to plundering and insulting White America. As White America wakes up to this, no doubt the push for broader Hate Crime legislation will intensify.

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