A Reader Says We Should Actually Read The New American
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From: Stephanie Smith [Email]

I take great offense by Kevin Carter's response to the writer who queried him as to why he excluded Rep. Ron Paul:

"The things he talks about aren't going to win him many votes (except maybe from a few rightwing eggheads and John Birch Society members) so I just don't see the point."

I would like to point out that John Birch Society's exemplary publication The New American has been in the forefront for years in calling for immigration reforms (both legal and illegal) - numerous publications have been devoted to exposing the "open borders lobby," how our elites are importing anarchy, changing the law that has allowed our radical justices to interpret the "anchor babies as citizens," and as best I can tell were the first in exposing the proposed North American/Mexican/Canadian merger (the FTAA agreement).

I challenge Mr. Carter to actually read their fine publication, and instead of dismissing them along the lines of "eggheads" learn to make distinctions between our friends and enemies.

James Fulford writes: The New American also featured some columns by Sam Francis, and one of the first accurate accounts of the Amadou Diallo shooting I read.

And it's true that the John Birch Society was marginalized not just by some excesses on their part, but by a campaign by "respectable conservative" William F. Buckley to drive them out of the conservative movement. He's like that, you know. [See Buckley Fiction by Marcus Epstein.] I'm afraid, however, that Kevin Carter is right on one point. The John Birch Society represents a very small proportion of actual voters. People who are concerned about immigration, on the other hand, represent a very large one.

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