A Former Liberal Democrat Explains How Immigration Pandering Turned Her Away From Her Party
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From: Kathleen Pacifico (e-mail her)

Two years ago, when I began researching illegal immigration, I did a complete political turnaround. 

Because of the Democratic Party's pro-illegal immigration stance, as well as those of the institutions I once trusted like the Catholic Church and the unions, I have turned away from them all in disgust.

After being a third-generation liberal Irish Catholic Democrat for 54 years, I'm now a registered Independent.

I automatically thought and voted the way my parents and grandparents did. If they were alive today, however, I'm sure they would all be patriotic immigration reformers, because they loved America. 

When I see candidates pandering to the "Hispanic" (illegal alien/open borders) vote, I wonder if they realize they have lost the bird in the hand.

In their rush to pander to special interests, the Democratic candidates are clueless about who they are losing. I wonder how much of the American working and middle class support the Democrats have squandered.

A lot, I'm sure.

Pacifico, who lives in New Jersey, is a short-story writer and has won a prize for her piece in Cat Fancy Magazine. Other Pacifico stories have appeared in The Storyteller, and True Love.

Her previous letters about confronting pro-immigration Latino thugs at a ProAmerica rally and in support of Morristown Mayor Don Cresitello are here and here.

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