A Former Liberal Democrat Explains How Immigration Pandering Turned Her Away From Her Party
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February 25, 2008, 04:00 AM
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From: Kathleen Pacifico (e-mail her)

Two years ago, when I began researching illegal immigration, I did a complete political turnaround. 

Because of the Democratic Party`s pro-illegal immigration stance, as well as those of the institutions I once trusted like the Catholic Church and the unions, I have turned away from them all in disgust.

After being a third-generation liberal Irish Catholic Democrat for 54 years, I`m now a registered Independent.

I automatically thought and voted the way my parents and grandparents did. If they were alive today, however, I`m sure they would all be patriotic immigration reformers, because they loved America. 

When I see candidates pandering to the "Hispanic" (illegal alien/open borders) vote, I wonder if they realize they have lost the bird in the hand.

In their rush to pander to special interests, the Democratic candidates are clueless about who they are losing. I wonder how much of the American working and middle class support the Democrats have squandered.

A lot, I`m sure.

Pacifico, who lives in New Jersey, is a short-story writer and has won a prize for her piece in Cat Fancy Magazine. Other Pacifico stories have appeared in The Storyteller, and True Love.

Her previous letters about confronting pro-immigration Latino thugs at a ProAmerica rally and in support of Morristown Mayor Don Cresitello are here and here.