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02/12/10 - A New Jersey Reader Says The DREAM Is Over In Her State

"Defensor De La Raza" Talk Show Host Ben Reed Presents His Side; Allan Wall Replies; etc.

From: Ben Reed: (e-mail him)

Re: Allan Wall's Column: From Conservative Shock Jock To "Defensor de la Raza"—The Ben Reed Story

I'm writing to set the record straight.

First, I consider Wall's spurious attempt to attack my activism a badge of honor since it comes from a site such as VDARE. COM

After perusing the list of its sordid editorial contributors with ties to white nationalists and the Minutemen, I view it as a great honor to be lampooned by such a cadre of individuals with no greater purpose in life than to demean our fellow man. It only further reaffirms my conviction that I did the right thing when I parted company with my conservative past.

In no way have I ever lobbied for "reconquista" or against the United States. My pro-immigrant activism is on behalf of all mankind's human rights including those who may be undocumented since they have proven to be an asset to our great nation.

Undocumented workers come to America for economic opportunities not because they want to destroy our nation's cultural fabric, as suggested on VDARE.COM

I also deplore Wall's intent to taint the term "la raza."

Certain segments of the American population believe that to be a secret code for "Mexican take-over!" It is, however, a linguistic reference to the creation of the mestizo race. Even Columbus Day in Latin America is known innocuously as "Dia de la Raza."

I am further disgusted with Wall's fixation on my wife's ethnic background. Wall wrote: "She wasn't an illegal alien field laborer of the type Ben Reed makes such a show of defending. Oh no. Deyanira is a Euro-Mexican, a white Mexican."  

My wife, like 80 percent of Mexicans, is of mixed ethnicity but she is not "sangre azul"

But had she been a campesina with dark skin, it would not have mattered to me. Love is color blind!

I follow the ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King who dreamed of the day skin color and ethnic background would not matter. I thought with the election of our first President of color, Barack Obama, the bigotry would diminish. But at VDARE.COM, racial issues are always ratcheted up.

Wall could have easily called me to clarify my position, but he chose not to.

Allan Wall replies: Reed opposes the right of the United States to enforce its immigration laws, encourages Mexican nationalism in the U.S. school system and thinks that Americans should not call themselves Americans. How does that benefit America?

Since Reed now lives in Mexico, why doesn't he openly campaign for the human rights of Central American illegal aliens in that country? They're routinely imprisoned and deported. What does Reed think the Mexican government's position on that issue would be? Would Mexico even let Reed stay in the country?   

Whatever the individual motives of illegal aliens may be, they are pawns in the transformation of the United States. American citizens ought to have a say in the demographic transformation of their country.

Reed admits that "la raza" refers to "the mestizo race"—which means yes, it refers to a race. In U.S. ethnic politics, "la raza" is used to foment a group identity which is opposed to that of the historic American nation.

Talk about wild spurious attacks—Reed's letter is a textbook example. VDARE.COM is a coalition of diverse writers who disagree with America's immigration policies.

Certainly we have the right to discuss a public policy issue and disagree with the federal government while working peacefully for change. Or are only those who agree with Reed allowed to voice opinions?

Reed should look at immigration from the viewpoint of Americans harmed by our open borders policy.

Hopefully some of VDARE.COM's many readers will drop Reed a line and share with him their experiences and perspectives.

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A Colorado Democrat (And His Daughter) Join Ranks With Patriotic Immigration Reformers

From:  Tracy Spencer (e-mail him)

Re: Saturday Forum: A Liberal Immigration Reform Patriot Is Shocked By Attacks Against Him In Huffington Post

Letter writer Mick Jones should not despair. Many intelligent Democrats agree with him regarding the urgency of curbing immigration.

My extremely progressive daughter and I, both moderate Democrats, include common sense in our political views by totally opposing illegal immigration and believing there should be a moratorium on legal immigration.

Too much immigration leads to uncontrollable population growth.

An overpopulated nation is an ignorant nation.

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A CA Registered Nurse Confirms How Illegal Aliens Drain Our Health Care System

From: Bob Cobb (e-mail him)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: Illegals Cost Money Even When You Send Them Home

Carol Plato, Director of Corporate Business for Florida's Martin Memorial Hospital, told of an severely brain damaged illegal alien patient whose two-year long stay in her hospital has cost it over $1.5 million.

The patient has no family or friends that might assist in deporting him back to his native Mexico or possibly to authorize the hospital to end its expensive and futile care.

No one—not the Mexican Consulate or ICE—will help Plato. And as Plato indicated, helping the Martin Memorial Hospital rid itself of expensive illegal aliens benefits all of us.

Unfortunately, even when illegal aliens have relatives nearby who may be offered a choice in their loved ones health decision, they often insist on continuing critical care, citing religious reasons. Many well-meaning but misguided family members simply cannot let go.

While an argument can always be made that miraculous recoveries happen, they are rare.

With America's health resources so strained, asking Mexico to care for its own during their final years is a modest request.

Cobb's previous letters are here.

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