A Texas Reader Says The Mexican Consulate Should Butt Out
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From:  Scott Collier [e-mail him]

Here's an article that appeared in the Rio Grande Valley's Monitor of McAllen, Texas announcing that an agreement has been reached between the Mexican consulate and the Department of Labor on the enforcement of U.S. labor laws, specifically against those "employers who don't provide workers compensation or benefits required under law, regardless of the worker's immigration status." [ Mexican Consulate, U.S. Officials Reach Labor Agreement, Brittney Booth, The Monitor, June 3, 2006]

Apparently similar agreements have been reached in several other metropolitan hubs. 

A spokesman for La Union del Pueblo Entero, Juanita Valdez-Cox, said:

"We are optimistic that now with the assistance of the Mexican consulate more complaints will come forward. We don't want it to be an accumulation of complaints without a process to a solution."

Thus the invasion continues.

This example shows exactly what is wrong with immigration in America today. Mexico uses our laws to impose its will on the American people. If a person has a job, he should be fairly paid. But if he's here illegally, then he should be summarily deported and the employer should be sanctioned and heavily fined.

Collier, who was born in San Antonio, graduated from the University of Texas and earned his Master of Arts at Texas State University. Formerly a teacher, Collier is now a realtor.

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