A CA Doctor Says Haitian Earthquake Victims In U.S. Could Price Out Senior Citizens—At Taxpayer Expense
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From: Herbert Chen, M.D. (e-mail him)

Recently, CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviewed the network's medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta about Haitians being transported to the United States for advanced medical care.

Their discussion center on re-imbursement to the hospitals for medical care rendered to the injured.

Blitzer made the point that the federal government pay out for Haitian care would be at 110 percent of the Medicare rate

For hospitals, this represents a windfall profit since they are set to break even at Medicare. It further means that hospitals may preferentially treat the Haiti patient over a senior citizen who has only Medicare.

Senior citizens, therefore, could become second class patients in hospitals that our insurance payments over the years have helped to build.

Finally, because of the financial advantage in treating Haitians, hospitals could compete with each other to bring as many earthquake victims to the United States as possible.

Chen wrote previous letters urging the federal government not to invite the entire world to America and about Henry Louis Gates' racism. Read them here and here.

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