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04/24/09 - A Pennsylvania Reader Says That, If We Must Have "Comprehensive Immigration Reform", Let's Put First Things First

A North Carolina Reader Says Obama's New Policy Toward Cuba Means More Chain Migration; etc.

From: J. Paige Straley (e-mail him)

I recently traveled to Miami and met with a Cuban family, spending an entire weekend enjoying their hospitality. 

Most VDARE.COM readers understand that whites have largely been displaced from Miami and that it now has a pronounced Latin flavor.  In fact, Americans can get a hint of their future by visiting Miami.

My Cuban hosts were nice, family-oriented people.

I asked the father, who came to America in 1969 and is now a citizen, if he would go back to Cuba if the country would repatriate its emigrants. 

"No," he said, and neither would any of the other Cuban immigrants he knows.  He hates the Castro regime and is keen to bring more Cubans to America, especially his extended family.  Though his children are more Americanized, they, too, identify as Cuban. [Exiles Want to Expand U.S. Cuba Relations, by Damien Cave, New York Times, April 8, 2009]

President Obama wants to remove travel restrictions to Cuba and ease the regulations that govern remittances.  Will we soon see the push for Cuban "family re-unification"? Bet on it!

Whether more liberal policies toward Cuba will displace the few whites that remain in South Florida is speculation. But it seems highly probable given Cubans' strong ethnic identity and provenance.

Previous letters from Straley and his column about Peter Brimelow's visit to Davidson College are archived here.

[ note: Many Castro-era refugees from Cuba are whiter (see pictures) than the average Hispanic, being from Cuba's productive class (or if you're a Communist, from Cuba's reactionary bourgeois oppressor class) which throughout Latin America is mostly white. Cuba itself is 65 percent white. So it isn't whites who are being displaced by Cubans, it's Americans.

However, in the absence of a sudden Communist revolution, emigrants tend to not be from the wealthy, productive classes, who are generally happy where they are. They tend to be from the poorer classes of poor countries, which means that if everyone was able to leave Cuba and come to the United States, the new immigrants wouldn't start businesses, they'd go on welfare.]

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A Reader Who Fled Texas and Arizona Shares Details About Frightening Ride On Mexican Bus

From: Alec Chapa (e-mail him)

Re: Allan Wall's Column: More Hypocrisy: How Mexico Treats Its Own Illegal Immigrants

Like Wall, I lived and worked in Mexico for several years. I studied at one of its universities so my Spanish is fluent. And I traveled frequently through out the region, often into Central America as well.

One time I crossed the border from Guatemala to return to Mexico City by bus, a long 24-hour haul. We left the border city about 5 p.m., after which most of us dozed off.

About 1 a.m. we woke up to find the bus parked alongside an isolated road in the mountains, and someone who spoke with authority boarded asking to see our documents. We couldn't make him out in the dark but he had a small flashlight that he used to read passenger passports.

As soon as he got to the rear, he ordered everyone out except my seatmate, the only Mexican citizen on board.

We were then herded into a small shack, again with poor lighting, but enough for me to see that the "official" and his companions wore Mexican immigration service uniforms. I relaxed, thinking that at least this is not a bandit gang or an army shakedown that sometimes occurs at checkpoints on isolated roads.

He collected our passports, then dumped them in a pile on a table separating them by nation—Salvadoran in one stack, Honduran in another, etc. Then he noticed my American passport that he put it by itself.

Finally, the immigration agent demanded that we must all pay $20 (yes, dollars, the currency of my country, not his!) before we could re-board the bus and continue.

One of the Central Americans had enough courage to say that we had visas to enter Mexico legally, and had already paid all the necessary fees and should therefore not have to pay anything additional, especially not at an arbitrary inland checkpoint.

The immigration officer then stated: "Either you pay or the bus goes on without you".

He then began calling out names, collecting $20 and letting people get back on.

As I watched this blatant extortion and corruption, I told myself: "You jerk, if you think you'll get $20 from me I promise you when I get to Mexico City I'm going to create as much noise as I possibly can, will call every wire service, news agency, television station, consulate and embassy, and just make myself a real pest".

Later, I confirmed with my fellow passengers that they all, indeed, did pay. Imagine how much money is extracted from travelers: perhaps 40 or more on each bus; $20 times 40 is $800 from a single busload, a tidy sum.

And that's just one of dozens of buses that pass that route daily.

It's easy for Central Americans to get visas to visit Mexico. The government assumes that they will not stay in Mexico but will continue to the US border to cross illegally.

So Mexican officials, officially and not-so-officially, aid in this traffic to extract as much cash as they can, first by selling the visas and then, once inside Mexico, demanding more money.

To be blunt, Mexicans have a predatory culture and are very un-neighborly neighbors, not only in their own country among each other but even more so as the nation next door to America.

Most Mexicans enter any relationship, whether it's as friend, neighbor, spouse or co-worker, looking to be the dominant entity.

These are people you and I would not choose to live near if we could avoid it. But unfortunately, we are stuck with Mexico. The best we can do is to try to keep them on their side of the border. Sadly, this seemingly simple task is increasingly more difficult because of America's ongoing problem—our national leaders who are in denial about the real Mexico.

Chapa lives on a South Sea island, thousands of miles away from immigration headaches. 

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A Texas Marine Knows All About "Professional Minorities"

Steve Sailer's Blog: Insensitivity Toward Immigrants Caused Binghamton Massacre

I'm well aware of what my fellow Marines refer to as "professional minorities"— the people who couldn't care less about ethnic identity until there's something to be gained by it. 

Jiverly Wong aka Jiverly Voong, the Binghamton assassin, was 42-years-old. No doubt Voong came to America as a child with all the sponge-like ability to learn that young children possess. Yet, we're expected to believe, according to mainstream media accounts, that his command of English was so poor that he was held up to ridicule?

If that's true, doesn't it indicate abject laziness on his part by refusing to learn English, the national language of the country he came to? 

I often wonder about just how destitute some refugees are. Certainly the press plays that angle up to the hilt.

During the period when the Southeast Asian refugees were resettled in America, my mother worked in a drycleaners to pay my brother's college tuition. 

Repeatedly, my mother found solid gold jewelry and coins left in their pockets. On one occasion, she found a bank savings passbook, with over $30,000 on account. Vietnamese women would bring their lingerie for dry cleaning—and this was before Victoria's Secret took the underwear world over through its catalogue and retail store sales.

I know another Marine born in the U.S. to foreign-born parents. But his family didn't feel the need to assimilate. So to this day, his speech

and written English is on a third grade level.

It isn't just the newcomers who play the victim card. There are also plenty of "old-timers" doing it.

Leverett's low opinion about fellow Marine Gen. Peter Pace and his disingenuous immigration views is archived here. Previous letters she wrote about Mychal Bell, multiculturalism gone mad at the Denver Public Library, a local Hispanic school teacher busted for drugs, Somalis who play on your sympathies and California's Octomom are here, here, here, here and here.

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