A New York Reader Says The Housing Market Is Booming—in El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, etc.
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From: Matthew Richer (email him)

This Boston Globe story about housing fairs held for immigrants in the US enticing them to build their own homes in their native lands shows that many of the deportable do have an excellent quality life awaiting them upon their return.[American Dream Goes Global, by Maria Sacchetti, Boston Globe, July 7, 2008]

From the story:

"Developers from countries such as El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Peru are increasingly courting immigrants at housing fairs across the United States, including two events in Massachusetts in the last few weeks. Thousands of immigrants are buying homes in their native countries every year, and more private lenders and some governments are offering financing to sweeten the deal." 

Some of the homes anyone would be happy to live in.

Here's a description of the house Vinela Arias, a cleaning woman in Boston, plans to move into:

"A few weeks ago, she and her boyfriend put a bid on a two-story stuccoed colonial in an elite gated community in Santo Domingo with three bedrooms, a sundeck, and private quarters for a live-in housekeeper."

The trend also illustrates how their "economic contribution"—as illegal alien supporters are constantly reminding us that they make—in the end really benefits their native countries but not ours.

Richer, the author of Busing's Boston Massacre is a contributor to VDARE.COM. His article archive is here and his previous letters are here.

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