A Texas Marine Wonders About "Octomom" Family`s Immigration Status
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March 03, 2009, 04:00 AM
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From: Mary Leverett: (e-mail her)

Re: "Octomom", Immigration and California`s Crisis by Joe Guzzardi

Nadya Suleman`s mother speaks with an accent. Her father is reportedly a civilian translator in Iraq.

What, if I may ask, is the family`s immigration status?

Also, I wonder — all 14 children were conceived via in vitro fertilization.

That raises serious questions about Nadya`s attitude toward sex that bodes ill for
what her children will be taught about male-female relationships. 

Then, there`s the subject of Octomom`s finances.

One talk show had a cosmetic surgeon on who analyzed Suleman photos.

Somehow in addition to the huge expense of in vitro, Octomom found money to pay for $20,000 worth of nips and tucks in an effort to look like Angelina Jolie — a very low standard in my opinion.

Ironically, Suleman hopes to get her Master`s Degree in counseling even though she needs plenty of it herself.

Even Suleman should succeed, I suspect she`ll trade on her so-called celebrity status to get clients by using her children as pawns.

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