An Illinois Reader Says That Auntie Zeituni's Open Borders Supporters Are The Selfish Ones
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From: Teresa Nolan (e-mail her)

Re: James Fulford's Blog: James Taranto: Obama Is Pandering To Xenophobes

The news that Barack Obama's aunt Zeituni Onyango has been living illegally in America for the last four years (at least! — apparently she's been coming to the U.S. on and off since 1975) in public housing and has been receiving a "small stipend" for work she does as a "resident health advocate" says a lot about tour immigration crisis.

Although Taranto claims that Barack Obama's passive remark that "laws should be followed" reflects the presidential candidate's pandering to xenophobes—presumably us—I see it as further exposing his hypocrisy.

I'll offer another example. In light of Obama's comments referring to those of us who do not want to "redistribute the wealth" as selfish, who, exactly, is selfish?

Short answer: Obama and John McCain as well as other politicians who support open borders and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Their selfishness centers on providing cheap labor for their campaign contributors and on abolishing America.

As Patrick Cleburne asked in his blog, what is a Third World alien with no cultural ties to America doing in Boston in the first place?

Why is Obama's aunt still here?  Why hasn't she been deported following the rejection of her asylum claim four years ago?

Yet Onyango, in addition to the housing and public funds she receives, no doubt also gets free health care since she uses a cane and lives in a ground floor apartment reserved for people with a handicap. 

All of this as an illegal immigrant! These benefits should be exclusively reserved for Americans. The Boston Globe reported that more than 20,000 residents are on waiting lists for the apartment Onyango occupies. To deny that housing to Americans is more selfishness in order to accommodate Onyango is more Obama selfishness. [BHA Takes Heat for Housing Obama's Aunt,  by Maria Sacchetti, Boston Globe, November 4, 2008] 

Thanks to VDARE.COM for its extensive blogging on the Auntie scandal that went virtually uncovered by the mainstream liberal media.

Nolan moved away from Chicago to a small farm in upstate Illinois where, she says, moose frequently roam across her property.

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