A South Carolina Reader Says: "Don't Muddy The Waters!"
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From: Erskine Thomason (e-mail him)

Re: Sunday Forum: A South Carolina Reader Wonders What To Do When Republican Candidates Are Democrats In Disguise

Letter writer Rexford Metz confused himself by wondering what would happen if the Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the White House instead of staying on subject.

Metz should simply have focused on the single National Question issue: immigration.

South Carolina's Incumbent and now re-elected Senator Lindsey Graham is horrible, a true traitor.

In the Republican primary, he faced Walter Witherspoon who is on record as wanting "to stem illegal immigration."

Had Witherspoon defeated Graham, then South Carolina voters would have been presented a no-lose choice between two anti-illegal alien candidates, Witherspoon and Democrat Bob Conley.

Alas clueless South Carolina voters like Metz gave Graham an easy cake walk to a primary and general election victory. [Failed Reform Can't Sink Sen. Graham, Jim Davenport, Associated Press, November4, 2008]

And the beat goes on…six more years of Graham.

Note to voters: when it comes to immigration reform, don't muddy the waters!

Thomason lives near Spartanburg

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