Obama Blows off Aunt Zeituni
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In a follow-up to their story about Barack Obama's half-brother who lives in a Nairobi slum, the London Times reports that Obama's Aunt Zeituni now lives in one of Boston’s oldest public housing projects.[Found in a rundown Boston estate: [British for "Project"]Barack Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango, October 30, 2008]

In Dreams from My Father Obama fondly describes meeting Aunt Zeituni as she waited for him at the Nairobi Airport during his first trip to Kenya. Today, Zeituni lives in the shabby West Broadway Housing Projects—the same project mobster James "Whitey" Bulger grew up in. I have been there and can confirm that it is not a very nice place to live.

Obama has visited Boston many times during his campaign. He even chose to celebrate his 47th birthday in Boston last August, turning the event into a fancy $5 million dollar campaign fundraiser featuring Harry Connick, Jr. singing "Happy Birthday Senator Obama."

According to the Times, Aunt Zeituni donated $260 of her meager earnings to his presidential campaign. So why didn't Obama invite Aunt Zeituni to his Boston birthday party? Or at least make an attempt to visit her when he was in town?

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