President Obama: "Big Man" for whom?
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With characteristic cowardice and stupidity, the McCain campaign has flinched from commenting on the Obama /Illegal Immigrant Aunt scandal. Not even to ask how come an illegal immigrant is living in Public Housing, or query if Obama could really be so cold-hearted not to know or care about the circumstances of a relative he featured so warmly in his autobiography:

The McCain campaign has declined to make an election issue of reports that Zeituni Onyango, Barack Obama's aunt, has been living in Boston illegally. "It's a family matter," says Mark Salter, one of McCain's closest advisers, before declining further comment.

McCain Campaign Avoids Obama's Aunt Posted by michaelscherer Time Saturday, November 1, 2008 at 4:07 pm

Of course, it is a family matter if you think of America as a family. The family question to be asked is why is our home being illegally swamped by Third World aliens with no cultural affinity at all to historic America?

McCain does not think of America as family.

But it is very definitely a public policy issue too. Embarrassing of course to McCain, given his appalling record on the immigration issue, but surely the Born-Again secure-the-borders-first McCain could have asked how she got into America, and, also, is it really plausible she made no effort to contact a relative whom she had actually met who was a US Senator?

Once again, apparently the GOP establishment prefers to lose an election rather than adopt an election and policy line the Rank and File overwhelmingly wants. (This benefited Obama in his first and only Senate campaign as well.)

However, there is another interesting aspect to this matter: the likely behavior of a President Obama. We already know he favors more Black immigration.

Steve Sailer in his indispensable book about Obama discusses Africa’s "Big Man" syndrome defined as

excessive generosity to impress distant relatives and hanger-ons


quoting Theodore Dalrymple:

They were expected to provide for an ever expanding circle of family … and people from their village, tribe, and province.


and noting that when Obama visited Kenya in 1988:

his relatives quickly begin to expect him to ante up cash as his Big Man father had…They'd have preferred if he was personally rich and could give them money out of his own pocket...


Given the cold-heartedness noted above, I expect Obama’s Kenyan relatives will not be fully satisfied in an Obama Presidency - but who knows?

In any case, politically viable American Blacks will unquestionably be another matter. And unlike George Bush’s omnipresent Neoconservatives, they will be visible.

I find I am quite looking forward to an Obama Administration. As Peter Brimelow has remarked, ethnicity is destiny in American politics. Right now the natural bastion of Founding-Stock Americans, the Republican Party, is run by men too stupid, cowardly (and sometimes disloyal) for it to fulfill its function. After the four-year O.J. Simpson trial the Obama White House promises to be (don’t believe me? Read Steve Sailer’s book) with its inevitable anti-white atrocities everything will change.'s facilitating "Triangulation" will have served its purpose.

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