So Immigration Is Off-Limits. What About Character?
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As I write this in the early hours of Monday morning, the Obama/Illegal Immigrant Aunt scandal has gone from the front page of Google News. This of course is largely due to the stupid and cowardly decision of the McCain campaign to avoid the issue.

This is a pity. No doubt they are too embarrassed by McCain’s appalling immigration record to raise the key public policy issue beautifully illustrated by the case: Why does America need a 56 year old unskilled black woman to come here to take subsidized housing, welfare and sheltered employment away from the native born - and to defy immigration law as well?

But a little thought should also have suggested the story sheds unflattering light on Obama’s character. It really is not plausible that he knew nothing about an Aunt he featured so extensively in his book and invited to his Senate swearing-in. Probably this is a lie. It is plausible he callously lost interest in her as his MSM Canonization got under way. Maybe this shows Obama is not Mr. Nice after all.


Generally, the comment threads on the news stories about this are swamped by hysterical Democrats suggesting the story was planted or leaked (both totally irrelevant to truth and significance). But the posting by Andrew O on the story Customs Officials Refer Leak of Obama's Aunt's Immigration Status to Inspector General Jack Tapper ABC NEWS November 02, 2008 5:49 PM

is so incisive as to deserve remembering — quite apart from revealing the lady is in the White Pages!

Incredible... my contribution to this blog just got censored! Let me try again. This whole affair is just too strange. 1) Knowing how people will do anything to stay in the States, I simply do not believe that Obama's aunt did not have contact with her nephew. Trust me... even distant family will find you, if there's a chance you can help their case. And we’re talking about a friggin U.S. Senator! 2) What kind of doublespeak is the statement: "Senator Obama has no knowledge of her status...". What does that statement even mean? It doesn’t say that Senator Obama did not know that she was in the States. It does not say that he was unaware of her living in public housing in deplorable conditions. It doesn’t say that he did not know that her application for refugee status was denied. It simply says that he doesn’t know what her status is AT THIS MOMENT! (Gee, I forgot how much I missed Clintonesque semantics!) 3) By the way, if Obama did not have contact with his aunt, it’s only because he NEEDED not to have contact with his aunt. For God’s sake, she’s listed in the White Pages (online): Zeituni Onyango / XXX Bowen St / XXXXXX, MA XXXXX-XXXX / (XXX) XXX-XXXX. (I hope that the XXX addresses the concerns of the ABC censor) 4) Noting how easy it was for me to find the listing, explain to me how the media, so determined to leave no stone unturned in its ”journalistic service” to the public, never even bothered to look. How embarrassing for the US press to be outsleuthed by the Times of London. ”White Pages… online”… my, how clever! 5) Senator Obama is poised to be elected President of the United States… so let’s not spoil the historic moment by actually expecting truthful answers to real questions. 6) Sure, now we’re concerned with a possible violation of an illegal alien’s right to privacy… and yet the press practically drooled watching Joe the Plumber get roto-rootered up his... 7) Auntie Zeituni will obviously not be going back to Kenya. The Obama campaign statement has already said that it ”believes that any and ALL appropriate laws be followed”. More doublespeak, I assure you. I’m sure a President Obama will figure out something… Indeed, Aunt Zeituni has been counting on it all along!
Posted by: AndrewO | Nov 2, 2008 7:41:32 PM
What other debts will "Big Man" Obama be called on to pay? - and how many ethnic scores will he be called on to settle?
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