James Taranto: Obama Is Pandering To Xenophobes
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It's Old Home Week here on VDARE.com. Having mentioned David Frum and Jonah Goldberg in the previous post, I now turn to the Wall Street Journal's James Taranto, who has a post called  "Beloved Aunt," in which he quotes Obama as saying that the laws have to obeyed.
"Obama suggested in a television interview to be broadcast Monday that his Boston-based Kenyan aunt, who was found to be living illegally in the United States, should be deported if she broke the law.

CBS News released an advance transcript of the interview late Sunday.

"If she is violating laws, those laws have to be obeyed," Obama told CBS when asked if he would support deporting his late father's sister, Zeituni Oyanango, to Kenya.[ Obama says US laws apply to his aunt living illegally in US]

Taranto [Email him]isn't happy about the idea of US immigration laws being obeyed, and says "Good heavens, he wants to deport his own aunt? That's just cold." Later, he accuses Obama of "pandering to xenophobes."

Obama told Katie Couric in an interview that he had believed his aunt was in the US on a tourist visit.

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