An Asian Legal Immigrant Reader Likes VDARE.COM, "Culturalism"
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October 07, 2005

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A VDARE.COM Writer Flashes Back to Immigration Enthusiast Grover Norquist

From: Joe Ishikawa

I enjoy reading your articles concerning immigration and culture clash. I am half-Japanese and half-Chinese and emigrated from Taiwan to the United States almost twenty years ago. I did it so legally and was on the waiting list for more than six years before departure. I received my education in the U.S. and have a job in medical research.

I am a minority and a non-racist. I don't believe in the inherent superiority or inferiority of different races or nationalities.

However, I am a "culturalist" and I recognize inferior ways of thinking and doing things when I see them. Japan adopted capitalism and democracy and became a relatively stable and advanced society. China has been backwards for the past one hundred years or so, but I have some confidence that things will turn around as the government adopts capitalism and gradually loosens political control. Societies can evolve to let go of old ways to better themselves.

And learning from other cultures does not necessarily have a racist connotation.

Personally, I believe Western culture, or more appropriately "modern" culture as I like to call it, is the correct path for humanity to follow because of its ideas on democracy, capitalism and meritocracy.

I therefore feel uneasy at the current liberal mindset that treats all cultures and ideas, no matter how "backward" or "savage," as equal and "doable," whitewashes dependency culture as the disenfranchised and generally tries to destroy the foundation that made America the first democratic and possibly the greatest country in the world.

Japan, China, and the four Asian Tigers do not believe in treating all cultures the same. They only adopted what was best for them, and they succeeded. Thus, it is very hard for me to understand why the United States and Europe tolerate a flood of immigration that is unwilling to assimilate, does nothing against radical Muslims residing in their countries, and welcomes elements that must surely undermine modern civilization.

I hope you are not confused by my ramblings—and accept me as an American citizen. I immigrated here legally, paid lots of tax dollars, and believe in the ideals that founded this country. 

Peter Brimelow replies: VDARE.COM regularly gets email like this from immigrants who apparently don't care that we've been named a "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center. For the record, we certainly do accept Joe Ishikawa as an American citizen. Individuals of any race can assimilate, but the logical implication of "culturalism" is that it's easier for some than others. We also think the U.S. can learn from Japan's immigration policy!

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