A VDARE.COM Writer Flashes Back to Immigration Enthusiast Grover Norquist
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September 27, 2005

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From: Carl F. Horowitz

Slightly more than 15 years ago, just as the post-Iron Curtain phase of U.S. history began, the Heritage Foundation's Adam Meyerson, then editor of its in-house quarterly magazine, Policy Review, solicited the advice of more than three dozen marquee conservatives as to what our nation's main priorities should be in the coming years.  The responses were published in the Spring 1990 issue. 

Here, on page 27, is what Grover Norquist placed at the top of his agenda for America:    

"Greatly increase immigration to America.  In nations with free-market economies, people are a resource, not a burden.  Immigrants bring life, skills, youth, and a love of freedom to Freedom's home:  America.  It is our greatest comparative advantage.  Japan's racism forbids life-giving immigration.  That is its death knell as a world power in the 21st century.  The large immigration to America gives the back of the hand to America's largest critics.  Who emigrates to Iran, the Soviet empire, or social-democratic Sweden?" 

This quote gives us a close look into the growth-for-its-own-sake immigration enthusiast.   Aside from being dangerously naive, Norquist was simply wrong in asserting Sweden had no immigration of which to speak.  That country's influx of Muslims and Yugoslav guest workers already was pronounced, and has gotten more so—often with baneful consequences.

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