A Lady Reader Supports VDARE.COM But Asks For Self-Examination; Peter Brimelow Replies.
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October 17, 2005

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An Asian Legal Immigrant Reader Likes VDARE.COM, "Culturalism"

From: [Name Withheld]

I stumbled onto VDARE.COM a couple of weeks ago.  I agree with most of it. 

However, from the standpoint of Universal Justice, i.e., what goes-around-comes-around, should we be the least bit shocked?  With non-whites arriving in white western countries in alarming numbers, can we not admit that now we know what it must have been like for native Americans (south & north), Africans, islanders, etc. when our ancestors showed up on their shores and pushed them people around, to put it mildly?  

So now it is happening to us. 

I am not saying we have to hold still for the problems caused by "official" multiculturalism, excessive immigration, and the depredations visited on us fine white folk by people who are "not like us", but, gosh, let's admit that we are paying for the sins of our white ancestors.   

Let's have a bit of humility and admission of wrongdoing here, shall we? 

I am on your side but I support a bit of self-examination, also.

Peter Brimelow writes: Hmmm! Usually this argument is associated with opponents. It's a surprise to find it voiced by a supporter.

Still, it seems to me that ultimately any culture has to seek justification by works. What did it create? Or, the Comanche conservative Dr. David Yeagley has put it, "You wouldn't have seen any defeated white people getting affirmative action from Comanches.

And "our white ancestors" created—America.

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