An Hispanic Reader Is Angry At "Dubuque Observer's" Suggestion That Hispanics Caused Iowa's Swine Flu Outbreak; Observer Replies
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From: Gabriel Rocha (e-mail him)

Re: Today's Letter: An Iowa Reader Wonders Why Government Officials Are Not Investigated For Their Complicity In The Postville Raids

Only a complete idiot like letter writer "The Dubuque Observer" could suggest that Hispanic illegal immigrants cause the swine flu cases in Marshall County, IA. The flu can only be "transported" across borders and into countries by those who travel. 

Illegal aliens don't travel because they can't easily get back into the U.S., you morons.  They mostly stay here. 

Now, you're white ass tourist compatriots who go to Cancun and Acapulco to spend their riches are the ones you should be worried about.  They are picking up the flu in Mexico and bringing it here.  Another guilty group has been college students on spring break or those who are participating on student-teaching exchange programs.

Also, the swine flu is now called H1N1 because it's a mutation of the virus.

If you VDARE.COM heads could get less hateful about the things you fabricate and focused instead on strategies that could actually work, we would be much better off.

VDARE.COM note: We are "focused on strategies that could work": enforcement and deportation.

Rocha's previous letters are here.

The Dubuque Observer replies: First, civilized gentlemen do not engage in name-calling.  Second, Rocha does not share whether he has professional medical credentials that would support the statements he makes to correct my own.

I am not a medical professional. My information came from news reported throughout Iowa by the largest daily newspapers and the leading television and radio broadcasts.

I do have first-hand knowledge of Marshall County, Iowa. The county has a large population of illegal immigrants from Mexico. It has the highest number of swine flu cases in this state. There is a community college in Marshall, but there is not a state university or any major private college. It's unlikely that local college students or vacationers travel to Mexico. Hence, they could not bring in the swine flu.

In another Iowa city, an American traveler returning from Mexico showed up as a swine flu case. The news media reported extensively on this. We may have to wait until the medical authorities provide full disclosure about the swine flu in Marshall County, Iowa and its connection to Mexicans living there.

But preliminary evidence indicates that the two are strongly linked.

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