A West Texas Reader Cheers A Trump Supreme Court Victory On Wall-Building
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Re: Trump Builds The Wall? President Makes Major Push For Wall Construction Ahead of 2020 Election

From:  A West Texas Reader [Email him]
This latest Supreme Court decision should have been 9-0 and a final ruling in favor of wall building. It was actually 5-4.

Construction of the U.S. border wall will continue. In a 5-4 vote Friday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Trump administration and against groups aiming to block federal spending on the wall.

Acting DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli gave an enthusiastic approval of the move and praised the president’s aggressive strategy to get the wall built within the boundaries of the law. According to him, the wall will hit the 300 mile mark before the end of the summer and will pass well over 400 miles by the year’s end.

Formal complaints on the issue came from the ACLU and Sierra Club. They sought to strike down an order from last July, which permitted the president to use federal funds for the wall amid legal debate.

Now, the Trump administration may make good on its promise to build the wall and carry out defense contracts worth $2.5 billion. [More]

But it is a win. So we'll take it. This is hard-fought trench warfare and house-to-house urban warfare. The Americaphobics have had 55 years to dig in, place Quislings in all institutions and scorch the earth.
More rulings to come on other cases filed by rabid foaming-at-the-mouth borderphobics. Just remember what  Hillary would have done or what Joe Biden would do. 
As James Kirkpatrick has observed, it all depends on Trump. Well, at least Ken Cudcinelli is helping. And finally a few others.
Personnel, dadgummit! Personnel is policy!
James Fulford writes: The White House response is worth quoting:
The Supreme Court reaffirmed today that it meant what it said a year ago: special interest groups likely lack any cause of action to sue the Department of Defense from transferring funds, and the Trump Administration should be allowed to build the wall and protect our country while litigation proceeds.  Borders are a non-controversial reality of every sovereign nation, and we plan to defend ours.
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