A Longtime Reader (And VDARE.TV Watcher) Cancels His Google Account, Will Watch On Bitchute Instead
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From: A Long-time Reader [Email him]

I just performed a task I have been wanting to do for a long time: I deleted my Google account completely. I realize that it is possible I will have to create a new one at some point, but only for watching YouTube videos.

I know that VDARE.com has posted some things on Bitchute, but I do not see things such as the most recent Social Distancing with John Derbyshire and Michelle Malkin. [VDARE.com note: Here it is.]

Even if VDARE.com wants to continue to be visible on YouTube to reach as wide an audience as possible, would it be possible to completely think of Bitchute as your primary vehicle, with YouTube being a secondary source?

Then you could start to publicize the move to get as many people to drop Google as possible.

James Fulford writes: Congratulations on deleting your Google account. You do NOT need a Google account to watch VDARE.com YouTube videos, you can just bookmark our video page here, or our not-yet-cancelled YouTube channel here.

We now publish everything on Bitchute that we do on YouTube at our channel here.

We are doing what we can to fight the Google.

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