A Washington D.C. Insider Says Lou Dobbs Left CNN Voluntarily
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From:  Bob Porterfield (e-mail him)

Although the ethnic identity lobbyists would love to convince people that they forced Lou Dobbs out, there's no evidence to support their claim.

As usual, they have their facts wrong.

Had Dobbs been showed the door, he would not have gone quietly. Anyone who has watched him on the air would quickly realize that.

And leaving abruptly is consistent with Dobbs' style.

Then, there's the issue of the two remaining years on Dobbs' contract. CNN is not about to eat that since it totals well into the millions.

Yes, ratings on Dobbs' CNN Tonight are down. But by percentage no more so than CNN's overall ratings. The network currently ranks fourth in the prime time 24-hour cable stations behind Fox, MSNBC and HLN. [Dobbs Quits CNN After 27 Years, Ponders What to Do Next, by Andy Fixmer and James Callan, Bloomberg News, November 12, 2009] 

What's more likely is that Dobbs realized that the left-leaning CNN is headed for even lower ratings since America is increasingly unhappy with Obama and his liberal government.

And the egotistical Dobbs no doubt feels that now is as good a time as any for him to test the political waters as so many have for so long urged him to do.

Dobbs may be considering challenging the Senate's ancient refugee champion Frank Lautenberg whose term expires in 2010. By that time Lautenberg, it should be noted, will be 86.

Porterfield is a political analyst.

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