Hands (And Especially Bullets) Off Lou Dobbs!
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You might think that the Main Stream Media might show some concern at an apparent assassination attempt against one of their own. 

But, as of this writing, only Fox and a couple local outlets (NBC New York and the Star Ledger) have reported on a shooting at the home of influential CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, who has been a consistent voice for law and borders for several years.

"A gunshot was fired at the New Jersey home of CNN's Lou Dobbs after a series of threatening phone calls earlier this month, the host told listeners on his nationally syndicated radio show.

"Dobbs, a fervent proponent of U.S. border enforcement, told listeners of 'The Lou Dobbs Show' on Monday that the incident is part of an ongoing assault against anyone who opposes amnesty or leniency toward illegal immigrants.

"'They've created an atmosphere and they've been unrelenting in their propaganda,' Dobbs said in reference to pro-immigration groups like the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the National Council of La Raza and America's Voice. 'Three weeks ago this morning, a shot was fired at my house where I live. My wife was standing out and that followed weeks and weeks of threatening phone calls.' "[Police Probe Shot Fired at Home of CNN's Lou Dobbs, Fox News, October 29, 2009. VDARE.com links added.]

You can hear Dobbs' radio remarks on the incident here: Shot Fired Into Home of Lou Dobbs of CNN! [YouTube]

Imagine the MSM hysteria if CBS' Katie Couric had been targeted!

And it's not as if there's no precedent here. After a similar campaign of vilification, Dutch immigration patriot leader Pim Fortuyn was actually assassinated by a man who turned out to be a leftist immigration enthusiast—although that little detail took a long time to leak out.

Since a massive alien amnesty looks unlikely any time soon in an economy beset with continuing job loss, the Open-Borders Fifth Column needs to keep the troops riled up. That requires  loud and frequent ethnic complaints, from manufactured outrage about a space alien Halloween costume to browbeating the already amenable San Francisco Board of Supervisors into loosening the requirement to drive with a license.

But Lou Dobb is the biggest target. The fact that he is married to a Hispanic woman, and her parents live with them on the family farm (according to Sixty Minutes) doesn't count for much when the thought police against "hate" get their jackboots in a bunch:

"A coalition of 11 Hispanic and pro-immigrant groups has launched a petition drive to force CNN and its advertisers to drop Lou Dobbs, following a similar effort that reportedly led dozens of companies to pull their ads from Fox's Glenn Beck show…

""The campaign to get CNN's Dobbs off the air was launched Tuesday by a coalition that includes the National Council of La Raza, the League of United Latin American Citizens, and the New Democrat Network.

"The group posted their petition at www.dropdobbs.com, where they hope to get 100,000 signatures in the next six weeks. Then, the document will be sent to CNN and Dobbs' advertisers, organizers say. "

[Will boycott against CNN's Lou Dobbs work?, by Andres Oppenheimer, [Email him] Miami Herald, September 9, 2009. VDARE.com links added.]

Dobbs broadcasts have educated millions of Americans that illegal immigration is out of control and creates a variety of damage in the country, e.g. diminished national sovereignty, cheap labor displacing citizens, border chaos, increased local crime and overpopulation overwhelming infrastructure. Many Americans who would have otherwise felt isolated and intimidated by the otherwise unrelenting Open Borders propaganda came to understand that they were not alone from watching Lou Dobbs Tonight.

Needless to say, Dobbs is depicted by his enemies as being outside the "mainstream". But in fact he reflects the majority opinion of Americans across the political spectrum that immigration be legal, controlled and reduced.

Indeed, outside of his chosen focus on illegal immigration, Dobbs is distinctly moderate, even squishy. He was quoted in 2008 advocating greatly increased legal immigration, for which I criticized him: "Triple" Legal Immigration? Say It Ain't So, Lou Dobbs!  In 2007, VDARE.COM's Patrick Cleburne had to reprove Dobbs for failing to understand the importance of the English language issue. In 2005, Norm Matloff objected to a Dobbs piece on outsourcing and (immigrant-impacted) schools.

Sadly, the complaints to CNN head office are obviously having an effect. The last months have seen Dobbs' immigration coverage substantially reduced. One curious example:  an interview with Leah Durant, the African-American director of Progressives for Immigration Reform was spiked, apparently because of La Raza opposition.

The Razas are pumped by their partial success in boycotting Fox's Glenn Beck, who remains on the air, though with fewer advertisers.

The recent showing of CNN's Latino in America provided an excuse for revving up the attacks. The Raza media strategists must have figured a dandy talking point would be to claim that it was "hypocrisy" for CNN to present a four-hour documentary flattering Hispanics while still hosting the hated Dobbs. A Google search of hypocrisy dobbs cnn "latino in america" recently got 14,900 hits.

The New York Times' Brian Stelter parroted the "hypocrisy" party line.

"Instead of being simply a draw for Hispanic viewers, CNN's four-hour documentary, 'Latino in America,' turned into a political rallying cry for activist groups who are calling on the cable news channel to fire Lou Dobbs, a veteran anchor with well-known views on immigration. [...]

The anti-Dobbs campaign has, however, drawn considerable attention in the Spanish-language press; the Thursday front page of the New York newspaper El Diario featured a red slash mark through Mr. Dobbs's face and the word 'hipocresia,' Spanish for 'hypocrisy,' atop the illustration.

The hypocrisy, critics say, lies in CNN's decision to woo Hispanic viewers with a prime-time documentary while still giving Mr. Dobbs a nightly forum. Roberto Lovato, [Email him] a founding member of Presente.org, a Latino advocacy group, said in a statement, 'We won't allow the network to court us as viewers while, at the same time, they allow Dobbs to spread lies and misinformation about us each night.'" [CNN Special on Latinos Stokes Debate Over Dobbs , October 23, 2009. VDARE.com links added.]

(Incidentally, Latino in America did poorly in the ratings compared with its earlier Black in Americaa fact noted by VDARE.com reader Russell Bell. The two-day total of viewers for Black in America was 4.7 million, versus 1.8 million for Latino which was also shown over two days.)

The anti-Dobbs campaign is filled with lies and fraudulent accusations, such as this item from the reprehensible $PLC:

"Just how dangerous is Dobbs? According to Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, 'The rise in hate crimes against Latinos coincides almost exactly with the time Dobbs has been propagating false conspiracy theories about Latinos on the air. He's not urging people to go hurt and kill—but that is the effect of what he does.'" [Is Lou Dobbs, CNN's Resident Bigot, on His Way Out?, By Don Hazen, Alternet, September 29 2009. VDARE.com links added.]

Lou Dobbs has been one of the few MSM figures brave enough to criticize the $PLC for its anti-"hate" hysteria —essential to its notoriously massive fundraising efforts.  For example, earlier this year he revealed that so-called "hate crimes" were decreasing in number according to the FBI, rather than increasing as the $PLC had claimed. (For a clip of the report, see the YouTube, CNN's Lou Dobbs Hate Crimes Going Down, Not Up.)

Busted! The $PLC doesn't like that. The cadre at the Poverty Palace would love to see Dobbs taken out in payback, and have called for him to be fired.

Another loudmouth in the censor brigade: Geraldo Rivera, the outspoken champion of violent criminal aliens. He memorably defended the permissiveness that allowed a drunk-driving illegal alien to kill teenagers Tessa Tranchant and Allison Kunhardt in a fierce on-air argument with Bill O'Reilly.

Newsbusters (October 24) had a clip of Rivera, speaking to a Puerto Rican group, full of Hispanic arrogance and condemnation for Dobbs: Geraldo Blames Lou Dobbs for Anti-Hispanic Sentiment in U.S.

"Lou Dobbs is almost single-handedly responsible for creating, for being the architect of the young-Latino-as-scapegoat for everything that ails this country."

Au contraire, Geraldo! Many Americans were aware that immigration anarchy was a big problem years before Dobbs started reporting about it regularly. One example: the 1990 light-up-the-border protests south of San Diego, where hundreds of citizens turned on their vehicle headlights toward the sieve-like border to illustrate the anarchy.

Rivera went on:

"One of the aspects of our reality in the United States now is the defamatory tone of the immigration debate and how that immigration debate has slandered an entire race of people. It has been reckless beyond imagining, it has been reckless in a way that is beyond precedent. [...] It has been one of the most frustrating experiences of my professional life to watch as a good portion of the American people began to listen and believe that immigrants were responsible for crime in this country, responsible for bringing terror to this country, responsible for stealing jobs, responsible for affecting in a very negative way the American way of life. [...] "

("Stealing jobs?" Are the eight million illegal alien workers (according to Pew Hispanic Foundation) not a problem for unemployed citizens?)

"It is something that we absolutely said, 'No mas' during the election of 2008...It's why Obama is elected now. He is the first, I maintain, Latino president. He's the first brown president. Why? He could be, and he looks Puerto Rican. [Emphasis added] And the, and the, the point is he would not be president but for the Latino vote and the Latino vote was for the first time in my lifetime an expression of a community understanding its responsibilities, getting up, going to the polling place, and saying, 'No mas.'

"...we're a vital cog in this country, the largest minority in this country, the United States heading toward an ultimate majority status for Latinos by the end of this century. That is the reality of the people in this room." [VDARE.com links added].

Funny—one of the knocks against Dobbs is that he has discussed the reconquista "myth" (actually an indisputable aim of Mexicans and others who hope that Hispanics will become the largest demographic group in America).

But when Geraldo celebrates "majority status for Latinos by the end of this century" that's fine, and not a racist provocation.

We can hope that CNN's top brass will hang tough against the intimidation of the Raza thought police. But these are dangerous times for free speech—particularly when anything suggesting American patriotism might be pronounced offensive by arrogant immigrants and their self-appointed leaders.

Concerned Americans need to get active—in this case to contact CNN in support of Lou Dobbs. Email your thoughtful remarks to the President of CNN, Jonathan Klein, at [email protected].

Friends of free speech should further recommend that Dobbs be released from PC bondage and to resume his former level of truthful immigration reporting.

Hands Off Lou Dobbs!

Brenda Walker (email her) lives in Northern California and publishes two websites, LimitsToGrowth.org and ImmigrationsHumanCost.org. She agrees with Potter Stewart that "Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime."

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