A Talk Radio Listener Reports On The Awfulness Of Marco Rubio`s Propaganda (Paid For By Mark Zuckerberg!)
May 11, 2013, 03:55 AM
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From: An Anonymous Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

A truly despicable ad featuring Marco Rubio is in heavy rotation on talk radio.

I turned on the radio twice during the Hannity show today. On both occasions, the Rubio ad was playing. I turned off the radio in disgust. I`ve heard the ad at least 20 times.

And I wasn`t in the room with the radio at all times. It should be transcribed and attacked, line by line, as it`s a succinct compilation of lies. All the filler has been removed to fit the dossier into a 30-second slot.

James Fulford writes: When I heard about this, I said, " "It can`t be a Marco Rubio ad, he`s not running for anything. Must be a Mark Zuckerberg ad." Oh, boy, is it ever! When I heard it, I was amazed. Listen for yourself, above. It`s a pack of lies.

I found that video on the "Hispanic Leadership Network" (which is the Friends And Relations of Jeb Bush) but it was paid for by Mark Zuckerberg`s Republican front group Americans for a Conservative Direction. I don`t want to explain everything that`s wrong with it—FactCheck.org has already done so in Zuckerberg-backed Group Spins Immigration,May 1, 2013. (Link via Jerry Kammer at CIS.)

I`m tempted to just point-and-splutter,  like Jennifer Rubin or Jacob Weisberg. I will, however, point out Rubio`s amazing claim that amnestied illegals won`t get Obamacare.

This is the same claim that, when  Obama made it in a speech to to joint session of Congress, caused Representative Joe Wilson to shout "You lie!"

Now we all know that Wilson apologized for shouting (if you`re going to shout at the President when he lies, you`ll always be shouting) and the President never apologized for lying.

But it was a lie, both from Rubio`s lips and the Presidents. Anyone physically present in the United States can go to any emergency room, and the emergency room must treat them, that`s the law.

It`s only one of the many ways that Amnesty will cost the United States trillions, as Jason Richwine was pointing out for the Heritage Foundation just the other day—before he "resigned."