NYC Has So Many African Illegals From Guinea That A Rumor Of Green Cards Brought 1300 To City Hall
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This one speaks for itself—New York Post, April 16th, headline: ”Over 1,000 African migrants swarm NYC's City Hall over supposed falsely promised green cards.”

Opening paragraphs:

About 1,300 African migrants gathered outside City Hall Tuesday morning hoping to appear at a hearing on the black experience in the city shelter system—with some saying they were promised work visas or green cards if they showed.

Only 250 people were allowed inside for the 10 a.m. hearing, while the hundreds of others who flocked downtown were left outside in a park, where footage showed them chanting and cheering.

The crowd was mostly made up of new arrivals from Guinea, in West Africa, and were apparently drawn to City Hall by an activist group, a source told The Post.

”Migrants” of course means illegal aliens. From Guinea. In West Africa.

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