Another Anonymous Reader (Now, More Than Ever!) Asks What Will Happen To Race Research In The Wake Of The Richwine Firing
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Re: Peter Brimelow’s article “This Isn’t A Free Country”: The Heritage Foundation And The Fate Of Jason Richwine

From: Another Anonymous Reader (Now, More Than Ever!) [Email him]

I sincerely hope Jason Richwine is able to land on his feet after the grave sin of telling the truth got him fired. His firing by the Heritage Foundation was a sad but not so stunning act of cowardice by the weak in the knees Conservatism Inc.

Of all the hysterical media coverage, thus far, I found the following by David Weigel in Slate to be most perplexing. In the context of discussing the Washington policy environment, Mr. Weigel said the following regarding Jason's Richwine's interest in IQ and race:

"But Richwine had been fascinated by it, and for a very long time, in an environment that never discouraged it. Anyone who works in Washington and wants to explore the dark arts of race and IQ research is in the right place." [The IQ Test, May 10, 2013]

My question/followup to that is, on what planet does David Weigel live? "Never discouraged," and "in the right place"? Pretty much everyone but Charles Murray has been fired for broaching those very issues. I would describe that as the direct opposite of "never discouraged". If Mr. Weigel [Email him] needs more proof, please take note of all the anonymity requests!

My questions in the aftermath of Mr. Richwine's firing are as follows. Where do we as a movement go from here and how do we remain viable as the decade(s) progress?

The so called "conservative" establishment seems to be more than happy to slaughter their own on the altar of racial egalitarianism in order to appease the leftist media. With no modern day figures such as Wickliffe Draper, (founder of the Pioneer Fund) Madison Grant, or Harry Weyher to ride to the rescue with crucial funding for the pursuit of the scientific truths about race what can we do, while avoiding the threat of starvation at the hands of the $PLC?

James Fulford writes: We continue to seek major funders and donors for, but for now, the best thing I can suggest is that individuals give donations to our appeal to keep running.

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