A Repeat Donor Sends Best Wishes, Hopes—And Money!
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Re: Lydia Brimelow's VDARE.com’s Giving Tuesday Update!

From: A Repeat Donor (Since 2015) [Email him]

I just put two hundred American on the collection plate, hope it keeps gas in the tank until the next shipment of deniable cash from the Kremlin. [VDARE.com note: So far, not even a case of vodka.]  I realize it's a bit late, but consider this Orthodox Giving Tuesday. We've gotten more than our fair share of Christmas miracles, but I hope there's a Kris Kobach-shaped package underneath our collective tree.

I hope Mrs. Brimelow , Mr. Brimelow, the mini-Brimelows and the staff and editorial team over at VDARE.com have a wonderful time in this, the most Trumpiful time of the year.

James Fulford writes: People who want to follow this donor's excellent example can do so here.

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