A Reader Wonders If Madison, WI Shooter Anthony Tong Is An Immigrant Or Not
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Re: Disgruntled Minority Massacre In Maryland: Black Woman Named Snochia Moseley Shoots Up Workplace

From: Betsy [Email her]

While you’re on the subject of disgruntled minorities committing workplace massacres, you might want to investigate Anthony Tong, who shot up his Madison, WI workplace on Wednesday. I cannot find a picture of him, but I also can’t find any pictures of Anthony Tongs who aren’t Oriental. [Wisconsin workplace shooting suspect had gun permit revoked | Police still don't know what motivated the Wednesday morning attack or if the victims were targeted or shot at random, by Associated Press, September 21,2018 ] Is he an immigrant? You are always ahead of me on these kinds of revelations.

James Fulford writes: I still don't know, either. I only know that as usual, the police aren't saying and the press aren't  asking.

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