A Loyal Reader Finds It Hard To Believe (Based On Evidence So Far) That Christine Ford Even Exists
September 23, 2018, 08:16 AM
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Re: Ann Coulter’s article Haven Monahan To Testify At Kavanaugh Hearings

From: A Loyal Reader [Email him]

One observation I have that nobody has brought up is “Does Christine Ford actually exist?” This is not a joke. I am reminded of Samoan football player Manti Te'o and his fake girlfriend from years ago. [The Boy Who Cried Dead Girlfriend, by Ned Zeman, Vanity Fair, April 25, 2013]

So far, the only pictures I have seen of her are her high school yearbook and one photo of her with sunglasses on in what appears to be an outdoor setting.  She supposedly contacted both her congresswoman (Anna Eshoo) and senator (Dianne Feinstein) by letter and when she contacted The Washington Post she did so via the telephone tip line.  The Post got a copy of her polygraph, but again wasn’t present.  The only people I have heard from regarding her interests are her two lawyers (who claim to be in communication with her) and various interested parties. 

It is odd that a person who is at the center of a news story for weeks and has given up her anonymity a week ago has not been seen, photographed, or heard from, especially since this is a story the press would love.  I have seen her resumé posted online and there are apparently comments from students at her college, but again these are all electronic.  What gives?  Is there really a lady behind the electronic image?  Has anyone talked to HER and not her lawyers?  She shouldn’t be too hard to track down.

James Fulford writes: I assume the lady actually exists, and will appear in due time, but the reader has a point. It’s worth noting that many people mentioned in MSM stories don’t exist. (Sources deep within the media have told me this—you can take my word for it.) In particular, Jackie Coakley’s boyfriend Haven Monahan never existed, nor did the white male rapists who committed the nonexistent rape at UVA.

Manti Te'o was the victim of a scam called "catfishing" in which a nonexistent person exists only online. That same scam was at the heart of the VUA Rape Hoax.