A Reader Says White Prosecutor Shying Away From Putting Corrupt Black Female Judge In Prison—Is He Afraid Of The Mob?
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Re: James Fulford's blog item Minority Occupation Turba (Mob) Goes To Home Of White Judge Who Sentenced Corrupt Black Female Judge

From: Betsy [Email her]

In case you thought that the white county prosecutor, Joe Deters, was going to maintain his integrity during this debacle, please note that he has caved entirely.  He even took it upon himself yesterday to beg the Governor to commute Hunter’s sentence, something  Hunter herself hadn’t done. 

After a dramatic day in court that saw former judge Tracie Hunter dragged off to jail, perhaps the biggest twist came via a phone call to the state capital.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters asked Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to commute Hunter's six-month sentence, a surprise move following a tense hearing at the courthouse.

A spokeswoman for DeWine confirmed the two spoke and that DeWine would take a look at it. But Hunter, she said, must apply for a commutation. [Chaos erupts as former judge Tracie Hunter dragged off to serve 6-month sentence, by Kevin Grasha, Cincinnati Enquirer, July 18, 2019]

I wonder if this turn of events has something to do with the mob’s prediction that the city will burn.  Or maybe he just doesn’t want the mob at his house.

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James Fulford writes: Prosecutor Joe Deters is the Hamilton County, Ohio, prosecutor who showed no hesitancy in trying to send white police officer Ray Tensing to jail for the shooting of petty criminal Samuel Dubose.

This failed, and the charges against Tensing were later dismissed with prejudice. Ray Tensing won a $350,000 judgement from the University of Cincinnati, which fired him from their police force for doing his job.

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