A Reader Remembers Another Diversity Superstar Doctor
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Re: Thomas Meehan's article Indian Diversity Superstars And The Cancer Of Dishonesty At The Heart Of American Medical Research

From: A Midwestern Health Professional [Email him]

My friend was a doctor and recruiter for a middle sized Appalachian city hospital. He recruited a neurosurgeon who had finished training at Harvard and had excellent recommendations. My friend questioned why someone with Harvard training to want to practice in an out-of-the-way city but since the surgeon was African American he did not pursue that line of questioning during his interview.

After a year of practicing in Ohio the results of his surgery showed an alarming rate of complications including paraplegia from his laminectomies. My friend was dumbfounded but he had the sense to call one of his friends in Boston to ask about this neurosurgeon.

Harvard, knowing the ineptitude of their surgeon had warned hospitals in the Northeast not to hire him but had sent good recommendations to the Ohio hospitals.

James Fulford writes: Sometimes we publish anecdotes like this which have, for good reason, no names attached, and people wonder if we, or our readers, are making them up. Well, if you don't believe that story, try the story of the perverted Jamaican gynecologist with the unusual name, or the story of profiteering liposuction hack Dr. Patrick Chavis, or  black abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell—who went to jail for infanticide because he lacked the skill to do a late-term abortion.

Then ask yourself how many more cases there are that we only know about by rumor.

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