A Reader Notes That Support For Intra-State Secession Is Getting Closer To Mainstream
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 From: A Non-Treasonous Reader [Email him]

I read Eugene Gant's article on state-level secession ("Greater Idaho", "Vexit" etc.) I see that it quotes, as an example of "They hate us, and they say so", a death threat by Berggruen Institute VP Nils Gilman against former Trump official Michael Anton, on the grounds that Anton objected to George Soros’s support of Democratic threats to refuse to accept election results “under any circumstances” as Hillary put it. [The Coming Coup? by Michael Anton, American Mind, September 4, 2020].

However, you might recall that the very last section of Anton’s book The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return discusses exactly this possibility, that is, a redrawing of state and county lines. "intra state secession" as he calls it.(See  Red Lines , by Michael Anton, American Mind, May 25, 2021 )

I mention this only to make you aware that many people are thinking along similar lines.

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