A Texas Reader Says The Comment Sections Are Revolting Against Suppression Of Gunman's Race
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Re: Steve Sailer's blog post Black Mass Shooting On Austin's 6th Street: 14 Wounded, Zero Dead

From: A Texas Reader [Email him]

Sailer's blog included this, from an Austin paper:

"It shouldn't be too difficult to identify more details about the suspect at large. Just do a search on shootings in Austin over the past 10 years on 6th Street and almost all of the suspects are of the same demographic."

That's not my conclusion . I pulled it from the Comments section of this story:

25-year-old man dies from injuries after Austin mass shooting, police say

Police arrest 1 of 2 in shooting that wounded 1

Click2Houston, June 13, 2021

Read the Comments.

Folks know what is going on, and as of now there are 549 comments, which is a stunning number.

I guess folks are sick of both the Narrative and the Demographic.

The media had no trouble at all in the case of white self-defender Kyle Rittenhouse, 17. He was plastered from here to there for a good week.

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