A Reader Has An “I Told You So” Moment Over The Kenya Mall Attacks
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The White Widow

Re: A Reader Doesn’t Think The “White Widow” Is Guilty, Our Point Is That She’s CALLED The White Widow, Unlike All Black Terror Suspects

 From: D McGrath, UK  [Email him]

I was right about Samantha Lewthwaite. The so-called “white widow” (a British convert to Islam) was not  present at the Kenya mall attack, according to the BBC: Kenya military names Westgate mall attack suspects, October 5,  2013.

It was clear at the time that Kenya’s Somali-born Foreign Minister Amina Muhamad (damn her ) was desperately attempting to blame a paleface for the mall attack, rather than her Somali compatriots. Do I get a regular column on VDARE.com for making the correct call? :-) 

James Fulford writes: Congratulations on getting it right—“I told you so” is a regular feature here at VDARE.com. A regular column on VDARE.com is not exactly a reward; some people would consider it a  punishment.

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