A Chicago Reader Says No One Is Springing To Blonde Miss Kansas’s Defense They Way They Do Indo-American Miss America Nina Davuluri
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Re: Allan Wall's column Memo From Middle America | The First Indian Miss America—“Too Dark” To Be Miss India?

From: John Tyler [Email him]

I am glad that Allan Wall has decided to write about the new Miss America. I wanted to see the supposed racism Nina Davuluri has experienced would be tackled by VDARE.com.

Anybody with half a brain can see that she won thanks to the multicultural icon she represents. Liberals will do anything to push the multicultural and diversity agenda, to set aside the true founders of American civilization, the regular Americans who, by the way, started the Miss America contest and even the Ms. World and Ms. Universe contests.

Miss Kansas (National Guard Sergeant Theresa Vail )even though she did represent a true Miss America, did spoil her chances by showing off her tattoos. She could have worn a full swimsuit to hide her tattoos, instead of a bikini. So I do agree with commentson how her tattoos ruined her chances.

However, those tattoo comments about her were used to stereotype all Americans as rednecks—and no one is making headlines about someone who wrote in a comment box “I hope this lowlife redneck does not win,” the way they did at the first sign of an anti-Nina tweet.

See a previous letter on diversity from John Tyler.

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