A Reader Doesn’t Think The “White Widow” Is Guilty, Our Point Is That She’s CALLED The White Widow, Unlike All Black Terror Suspects
September 27, 2013, 02:52 AM
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Re: James Fulford’s post Two White People In The News, Identified By Race

From: D McGrath, UK  [Email him]

Samantha Lewthwaite Samantha Lewthwaite [the so-called “white widow”, pictured right] has only been identified as a suspect by a compatriot of the Somali Terror Squad!

She is named Amina Mohamed the current Kenyan Foreign Minister. [Nairobi attack: UK woman and Americans `among militants`, BBC, September 24, 2013]She is a Somali born in Kenya. Her desperation to pin  the Bombing on a British (white British) mastermind is almost comical.

It`s perfectly deflected blame for the attack from Somalis and redirected it at white devils as the culprit. It`s a bravura white guilt performance by this shyster politician and a complicit western press corps. 

If I were a Somali pirate, why would I involve a hunted (by MI6, the  CIA, and the KGB) woman in my plans? 

James Fulford writes: I don`t know if you`re right, although it`s fascinating to hear that the Kenyans have Somali ministers, but that` wasn`t the point of my blog item.

The point was that the media will SAY that Ms.  Lewthwaite is a White Widow, which is not something they`d say if she was black—like the Washington Snipers, or of course most Somalis.