A Reader Has A Question About WHITE Copkillers
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James Fulford’s blog item Black Targets Matter? BLM Thinks Target Shooting Is Racist

From: Sam [Email him]

I was wondering if James Fulford  could explain further the purpose behind including Table 41 into his  most recent article for VDARE.

Fulford wrote:

The LAPD’s “Jack Dunphy” noted that “of the 543 cop-killers identified since 2006, 222 of them, or 41 percent, have been black.”

The FBI’s Table 41 Law Enforcement Officers Feloniously Killed has the figures.  It gives “Race and Sex of Known Offender”–only 18 of 543 cop-killers were women, about 3.3 percent.

What would you say about the 289 white men who killed police officers in that same time period?  As a conservative white man, it is disconcerting to see that statistic.

James Fulford writes: I don't think anyone claims that whites commit no crimes, just that we commit them at a much lower rate than blacks. Whites make up 77.7% of the American population, blacks make up 13.2%. When 13 percent of the population is committing 41 percent of the murders, that says something.

You may note that there's no category for "Hispanic" on that chart. For years, the FBI has been counting Hispanics as Hispanic if they could be called victims of hate crimes, but if they committed a crime, they counted as white. Some of the "whites" listed on that chart will be Mexican immigrants. And of course, the great majority of victims will be white—the chart doesn't show that either.

A final note—the part about women (of both races) making up only 3.1 percent of the killers.

This is striking, but not unexpected. To quote Charles Murray, writing in 2005:

I have omitted perhaps the most obvious reason why men and women differ at the highest levels of accomplishment: men take more risks, are more competitive, and are more aggressive than women.24 The word “testosterone” may come to mind, and appropriately. Much technical literature documents the hormonal basis of personality differences that bear on sex differences in extreme and venturesome effort, and hence in extremes of accomplishment—and that bear as well on the male propensity to produce an overwhelming proportion of the world’s crime and approximately 100 percent of its wars.

 The Inequality Taboo, Commentary, September,  2005


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