A Reader Notes An Incident Where The German Police Are Eager To Announce The Citizenship Of The Attacker
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From: Mitchell Day [Email him]

Here's a report of another car crash attack:

One person has died and two more have been hurt after a car was driven into pedestrians in the German city of Heidelberg.

The driver escaped the scene on foot and was later shot after being tracked down by officers, who were tipped off by the public.

The 35-year-old man, who police have stressed was not a migrant, was allegedly carrying a knife.

They say he's "not a migrant" and they even say he's of "German origin" then they say this:
"There was no immediate word on the man's possible motives or his origin." [Heidelberg attack: One dead after vehicle driven into pedestrians in Germany | Police later shot and injured the attacker, who is of German origin, by Will Worley, The Independent, February 25, 2017 ]
Well, maybe I'm being cynical but I think if the perpetrator was Volksdeutsche we would have heard by now.

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James Fulford writes: Even if he is, it's significant that the German police are going out of their way to say so. However, you can be of "German origin" and still be a Turk or other kind of Muslim. After San Bernardino, I did a blog called Kneejerk MSM Reaction #4: “Syed Rizwan Farook, A 28-Year-Old American Citizen” about the same kind of reaction in the US.

As for cynicism,  John Derbyshire reported everyday Americans having the same reaction to MSM reports 24 years ago. 

When he was commuting on the Long Island Railroad in the 90's, his homebound train was

"one behind the train on which Colin Ferguson went berserk and shot 25 fellow commuters, killing six of them, in December 1993. Our train was held up for over an hour, and we had no clue what had happened, this being in the era B.C.P. — before cell phones. My wife, watching the TV news at home, was frantic with worry, though kind neighbors came in to keep her company. (Telling me about it afterwards, she reported that: "People kept saying the same thing: 'It must have been a black guy. If it was a white guy they would have told us.'" So much for the careful sensitivities of the U.S. media.)
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