A Reader Gives Two Cheers For Dennis Prager’s Late Support For Trump—NO Cheers For Prager’s Obsessive “Colorblindness”
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From: Jim Smith [Email him]

There have been several posts at VDARE.com praising the Trump Warsaw speech and criticizing its critics, all from a standpoint of race realism and the National Question. And then there is Dennis Prager, a "newish" supporter of Donald Trump (he opposed him during the primaries). Prager is an opponent not merely of race realism, but of racial recognition seemingly in any form.

In a recent interview with soulmate Glenn Beck, he proclaims that race means nothing to him. In writing about Trump's critics he charges that merely to bring up the matter of race is comparable to the Nazis, who saw everything in terms of race. There is no middle ground for Dennis Prager. The clichés abound: there is but one race, the human race; MLK's content of character, not color of skin. See The Atlantic Publishes All You Need to Know About the Left - The Dennis Prager Show, DennisPrager.com.

Prager is the shell-shocked defensive conservative, with the need to refute forever and ever any possible charge that he, Dennis Prager, and the movement with which he identifies is in any way racist. Sadly for him and others of the colorblind ilk, it gets complicated. Where does the phenomenon of "the browning of America" fit in? How are the strikingly different strengths of whites versus blacks to be accounted for, i.e., the physics department versus the basketball court?

Prager is the archetypal early-1960s liberal, brotherhood of man et al. It's a lovely fantasy, but it also laid the groundwork for its ugly successors: the Rap Browns, Stokely Carmichaels, Black Panthers, and today, Black Lives Matter. It ultimately offers no reason why the concept of Affirmative Action must be eliminated, for ultimately it becomes apparent that, rather than the different results seen all around us representing an oppressed culture, they are in fact differences largely ingrained in our DNA. It is an endless scam.

The bottom line: while Prager's support of Donald Trump should be welcomed, his ideology of colorblindness must continually be critiqued. Whites who are colorblind tend also to be blind about the desire for Leftists and others to reduce whites to a state of powerlessness. In today's politics they unwittingly serve the function of the Trojan horse.

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