A West Texas Reader Reports That Muslims Are Mad At Starbucks—Which Backs Open Borders
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From: A West Texas Reader [Email him]

I see on Drudge Report a curious headline, "Muslim groups boycott STARBUCKS for LGBT support......"

Muslim groups boycott STARBUCKS for LGBT support... ^
From the July 07, 2017 01:10:03 GMT edition of the Drudge Report.

This brings to mind Steve Sailer's phrase: Intersectional Pokemon Points.

Starbucks' billionaire founder/CEO is an open-borders treason-lobby zealot who strives to give away American jobs to foreigners. The LGBT lobby seems to favor the treason-lobby, but I'm not sure about that. Muslims are open-border maniacs and a major component of the Treason Lobby.

It is nice to see some factions within the open-borders cult and the Treason Lobby. do the circular firing squad.

Perhaps a wedge for the cause of us Immigration Patriots?

Hopefully their dispute, for now located in Malaysia and Indonesia, escalates and continues, resulting in draining resources away from Open Borders lobbying.

Which of those protected anti-American groups will Starbucks pick to support?

In the iron-fisted-police-state now known as Merkelstan they might call this "schadenfreude."

P. S. I make my own damn coffee, at home. That's what travel mugs are for. No $$ to the Treason Lobby.

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