A Reader Wants To Put A Cash Value On Citizenship—And Deport The Thieves Who've Stolen It
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Re: Randall Burns’s article Progressive Indictment | Immigration Policy Squanders The Value of Citizenship

From: D. G. Edmonds [Email him]

Why does the Main Stream Media refer to those illegally in the United States as “immigrants”?

Isn’t it self-evident that illegal aliens are not immigrants at all but really just good old-fashioned thieves? Each illegal alien has stolen the privilege of being able to live in the United States. We need to raise the consciousness of American people and get them to recognize that not only material things can be stolen but also intangible things. This will be difficult since the MSM has for many years indoctrinated Americans to think of those illegally in our country as immigrants.

The privilege of being able to live in the U.S. is quite valuable. In a 2007 article in on VDARE.com, Randall Burns attempted to put a value on U.S. citizenship. He determined that a conservative estimate of the value of U.S. citizenship would be about $225,000.00.

How much of the $225,000.00 value of U. S. citizenship is attributable to just being able to live in America? Surely, physical presence with all the benefits that literally being here entails accounts for most of the value of U. S. citizenship. Assuming that the value of the privilege of being able to live in the U.S. is $200,000.00, how should we view this issue?

The Gang of Eight amnesty bill that the Senate passed in 2013 allowed illegal aliens to stay here by paying a $2,000.00 fine. This is analogous to allowing a person to steal $200,000.00, then charging them a $2,000.00 fine for stealing the money, while letting them keep the $200,000.00. Isn’t this insanity? It is simply rewarding thieves!

As for those brought here as children, if someone steals $200,000.00, for himself and $200,000.00 for his child, does it make sense to allow the child to keep the $200,000.00 stolen for him by his parent because the child did not commit the crime? There is an old legal adage which says that anyone who benefits from a crime must disgorge the benefits of the crime.

President Trump should obtain a list of companies with illegal aliens on their payrolls and send ICE agents to these companies to force the firing of all their illegal employees. This would:

  1. Free up 8.5 million jobs for real Americans and put upward pressure on wages without the need for minimum wage laws.
  2. If you take away their jobs, those who have stolen the privilege of being able to live in the U.S.as well as 8.5 million jobs will leave.
  3. It would stop future illegal entry into the U.S. even without a wall.



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