A Reader Experiences Censorship
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Re: LAPD: "We Don't Get Into" Immigration Status Of Christmas Story Director's Killer By Nicholas Stix

From: An "Irate Reader"

As an opponent of the President's atrocious war and immigration policies, I'm occasionally guilty of sympathy towards Bush's Democratic enemies. Periodically, though, I'm reminded that the Democrats are just as bad as Mr. Bush. I'm a member of an old-movie message board, and on those boards a member recently started an obituary thread for director Robert Clark. A second member correctly guessed that the Mexican who killed the director and his son was "undocumented." A third member agreed and commented that this type of thing would continue until the President and Congress enforced immigration laws and deported Hispanic aliens.

Then the site's moderator (a far-left Democrat) claimed that as there were more Anglo drunk drivers than Hispanic drunk drivers, the drunk driving problem would be better solved by deporting Anglo-Americans. Several of his sycophants (there's a bunch on every message board) chipped in in support of him. Then another member posted links to several statistical sites that showed—surprise, surprise—that Hispanic illegals have caused a disproportionately high rate of drunk driving fatalities.

It was at this point that the moderator deleted the entire thread, the Treason Lobby's favorite action when confronted with an argument they can't answer. The reason given, almost a day later, was that the moderator "didn't want to make anyone feel unwelcome." I suppose I should thank him for reminding me that while Democrats aren't as vocal in support of illegal immigration as they used to be (the neocons have out-shouted them), they're still as traitorous as ever.

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