A Reader Experiences Censorship
April 08, 2007, 05:00 AM
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From: An "Irate Reader"

As an opponent of the President`s atrocious war and immigration policies, I`m occasionally guilty of sympathy towards Bush`s Democratic enemies. Periodically, though, I`m reminded that the Democrats are just as bad as Mr. Bush. I`m a member of an old-movie message board, and on those boards a member recently started an obituary thread for director Robert Clark. A second member correctly guessed that the Mexican who killed the director and his son was "undocumented." A third member agreed and commented that this type of thing would continue until the President and Congress enforced immigration laws and deported Hispanic aliens.

Then the site`s moderator (a far-left Democrat) claimed that as there were more Anglo drunk drivers than Hispanic drunk drivers, the drunk driving problem would be better solved by deporting Anglo-Americans. Several of his sycophants (there`s a bunch on every message board) chipped in in support of him. Then another member posted links to several statistical sites that showed—surprise, surprise—that Hispanic illegals have caused a disproportionately high rate of drunk driving fatalities.

It was at this point that the moderator deleted the entire thread, the Treason Lobby`s favorite action when confronted with an argument they can`t answer. The reason given, almost a day later, was that the moderator "didn`t want to make anyone feel unwelcome." I suppose I should thank him for reminding me that while Democrats aren`t as vocal in support of illegal immigration as they used to be (the neocons have out-shouted them), they`re still as traitorous as ever.