A Jewish Immigration Dissident Advises David Orland Not To Hold His Breath
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Re: Jews and Immigration: The French Case

From: David Stern

David Orland  (VDARE.com blog, 5 April) contemplates the possibility that American Jews will soon re-consider their commitment to mass immigration based on the experience of French Jews.

On the basis of my experience, all I can say at this point is: don't hold your breath. The irony about French Jews is that their unbridled and unqualified support of immigration into France facilitated the importation of the one group that presents the greatest all-around threat to their community.

Mass immigration wouldn't pose such a danger to France or America if it were a phenomenon that could somehow be reversed. It can't. Once here, they will never leave and the destruction is permanent.

Count this as something seen by this Jewish immigration dissident way before Stephen Steinlight ever saw it.

Stern's previous letter is here.

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