An Hispanic Reader Worries That We're Seeing The Dawn Of Hispanic Supremacy
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04/08/07 - A Reader Experiences Censorship

From: Malena Mueller [e-mail her]

I have been out of the workforce since the birth of my daughter and contemplating returning to it on a part-time basis, so when I saw that our local credit union was hiring, I decided to put in an application.

The online application process was pretty standard. Although I found it vexing that the application for a job at an American service institution could also be completed in Spanish, everything nowadays is bilingually available so, I didn't give it a second thought—until I came to the affirmative action section. Before I left the workforce I worked for 12 years so I have filled out my share of affirmative action forms; this time what struck me as very odd was that instead of being asked to check my race/ethnicity, the first question asked was "Are you Hispanic?" If the answer was "no" then I was to check the corresponding (non Hispanic) race.

Is this the beginning of Hispanic supremacy? Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Hispanics (I am one myself) but seeing this blatant preference for Hispanics over every other American is extremely disturbing. So much for the melting pot!

The message to Hispanics is clear: "don't assimilate""stay segregated""it's to your benefit NOT to acculturate with the mainstream."

And why should they? Polarization and victimization have so far worked wonders to intimidate, guilt out and silence Americans who would otherwise express the majority opinion that this Third World colonization of our country is very bad.

One more thing: it seems to me the first question asked by employers should be "Are you an American citizen?" [ note: At the moment, it is illegal to ask this.]

This way Americans could (as they should if they are qualified) get first dibs on any and all jobs available. But I suppose it would be too prejudiced and xenophobic to propose such a notion.

Mueller, who came to the U.S. in the mid-1970s, lives in the Tucson area where she is "raising two children to be Americans in an English-only household." Her previous letter is here.

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