A Missouri Native Living In Los Angeles Explains Why He's Staying In California
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From: Frank Crespi (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: So Long California—Thanks For The Memories!

Among California residents, there's a well defined dividing line between natives like Guzzardi and transplants from other states like me.

People who were born in California remember a time before rampant illegal immigration, the $20 billion budget deficit aliens helped create, the high taxes and fees imposed to alleviate the deficit that the aliens caused, and the high unemployment that comes as a result of aliens taking jobs from Americans. So naturally, they want to leave.

Transplants like myself acknowledge that while all these things are bad, it could be a lot worse.

Non-natives agree that while illegal immigration is bad, California's other advantages outweigh it: weather, laid-back lifestyle and easy access to the beach which fascinates Midwestern folks.

Gradually though, the bad is outweighing the good as far as the economic climate is concerned. The company I work for is moving its headquarters to Texas, a more tax-friendly state, and will leave the California office as a small regional office.

Crespi is an accountant.

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