A Pennsylvania Reader Adds The Anti-Defamation League To The Growing List Of False Prophets Of "Hate Crime"
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From: Robert Burch (e-mail him)

Re: A New Jersey Reader Is Outraged That The SPLC Trains Federal Law Enforcement On How To Identify "Hate Crimes"

It's not only the $PLC that instructs federal law enforcement officials as to what constitutes an "extremist" act or a "hate crime"

While on a business flight a few years ago, I glimpsed at the computer screen of the passenger sitting next to me. As I learned later, he was an FBI official.

During our trip, he was preparing a PowerPoint lecture on U.S. hate groups. His only source of information: a stack of ADL newsletters

Imagine the indoctrination his class of young recruits received regarding the groups like VDARE.COM that supposedly represented the greatest threats to America.

Burch describes himself as a prematurely retired ex-chemical research engineer whose job was outsourced. His earlier letters about the media's slanted coverage of Ron Paul's presidential campaign, the illegal alien crisis in New Jersey, former President Bush's relationship with Attorney General Gonzales and why educrats are happy about falling SAT scores are archived here. 

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