An Anonymous Graduate Student Agrees With Peter Brimelow That Paul Craig Roberts Should Write More About Immigration
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From: Alfred Smith (e-mail him)

Re: Paul Craig Roberts Column: Health Care Deceit

Several times, I have read Peter Brimelow's comments apologizing that Paul Craig Roberts' columns now rarely relate to immigration, but instead focus on issues that potentially divide the patriotic VDARE.COM coalition

I value Roberts' contributions, and am glad that Brimelow gives him a forum.

But when Roberts he writes about other issues, he should remember that his columns are posted on America's leading patriotic immigration reform webzine.

What audience does Roberts think he's addressing when he criticizes one of our Congressional allies, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), for calling the President out on his lies about giving healthcare to illegal immigrants?

Roberts says that Wilson is putting "the wrong issue front and center" 

For VDARE.COM readers, immigration is the "issue" that is "front and center."

Perhaps someone could again gently remind Roberts of this fact.

Smith is a graduate student in political science in one of America's "sanctuary" cities. He keeps his true identity a secret with the hope of staying in academia long enough to destroy it from within.

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